When I started cooking, I found that I would often make the same 4-5 things over and over again. Slow-cooker chicken tacos, again!?  It is easy to get into a rut when you’re busy.  I also found I was going into the grocery store without a real plan, I would just buy what was on sale and when I got home – realized that gummy worms and chicken didn’t really constitute a good work lunch or dinner meal.

I tried some of the meal subscription boxes but found them to be expensive, contain too much packaging, and not consist of enough food.  Plus, it hindered my creativity being given a recipe to just follow along to.

After looking for a CSA for a couple of years and coming up empty handed, I happened upon a site, Hungry Harvest.  Their mission is to “rescue” produce that would otherwise go to waste due to imperfections or deformities.  Each week you can customize what is in your box and you can add things like fresh eggs or bread if you so choose.  Not only has this been a game changer in getting me out of my rut, it has saved me money at the grocery store.

With two people living in my household, I subscribed to the “Full Harvest” option.  For single homes or those who find themselves eating out a lot, there is a mini option and for families, there is a Super option.  I have posted some of my weekly harvests below.


This program or other CSAs really allow you be creative.  When you don’t know what you are going to get – or you get something challenging – it is a good way to break out of your current habits and that’s what this is all about.

Pre-prepping Meals:

It isn’t just for body builders! I do it all the time, especially when I know my work week is going to be extra crazy.  Going out to lunch is great and all but can be expensive and not always lead you to the healthiest options.  I do most of my meal prepping on Sundays, before the week starts.  This means, cutting up veggies and cooking chicken for easy salads, making breakfast ahead of time, and packaging easy slow-cooker dinners for the freezer so I can just toss them in before heading out for the day.

Pantry and Kitchen Organization:IMG_5376

I recently re-organized my pantry so that all of my ingredients are easy to see and easy to find.  This really helps me in the morning when I am adding those toppings to my pre-prepped salad bowl, yogurt parfait, or whatever it may be.  If you can get to the items quickly, your morning preparation will seem less tedious and take less time.


We are busy.  Don’t let small things inconvenience you.  I found that doing simple things like, leaving a bottle of my favorite dressing at work, really saved me time and frustration.  Those pesky little salad dressing containers – I always manage to lose the lid or forget them at my desk and plus, if you aren’t using them – you save yourself the dish washing! Small things add-up and time is precious.